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Re-usable sustainable hoardings will boost your BREEAM ratings

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Hoarding Warehouse can help you lower your carbon footprint on individual projects and throughout the year.

We offer a comprehensive range of re-usable, modular hoarding panels and fixings which, unlike painted plywood hoardings, allow you to achieve Zero to Landfill..

Many of the lightweight PVC hoarding panels we are offer made from 100% recycled PVC and off-cuts and damaged panels can be 100% recycled. These panels are easy to transport and reduce transportation costs and emissions compared to plywood panels. 100% recycled PVC panels have been used successfully in supermarkets, retailers, airports, railway stations and major construction sites for over a decade.

Our hoarding systems can be re-used over a period of 5 years and beyond. Our team is constantly updating the specification of our hoardings and sourcing leading products from the UK and Europe.

Our goal is to offer high performance products that also achieve a demonstrable reduction in project-related carbon emissions and lower whole life hoarding costs.

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Flexible Mix & Match service

You can order face materials and fixings only from us if you source your own scaffold poles and timber frames etc.